Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The beauty of nail varnish- and varnish swapping

So, it’s no secret that all it takes is a few strokes of nail varnish to transform your hands from ‘hand of beast’ to ‘hand of beauty’.  This age old tradition of painting of nails, whether it’s down to the Chinese and their invention in 3000BC or the Egyptians with their ides of extreme make-overs, whoever or wherever it was invented, I’m sure I speak for most ladies when I say we are thankful.

So how many jars of polish does the average lady own?  I admit my collection was bordering on a fair amount until I had a clear out a few months ago.  After, finding myself one too many times, spying the perfect colour, proceeding to open it, then finding out it was now a gloppy, hard mess I decided to restart my collection.

However, one thing I noticed is that compared to some, I’m not overly experimental when it comes to range of colours, which means that I’ve found myself with numerous jars of almost identical nail varnish.   What’s funny is that’s the complete contrast of my friend who randomly picks up wild and crazy colours, but then decides that there’s never an occasion fitting enough to adorn them.

So both of us, have set ourselves a little fun task of heading down to the Nail Show on Saturday 18th August armed with all of our unopened polish, where I will proceed to exchange them for wild and wonderful colours and she will swap hers for a few safer options.  Should be a great laugh and also sounds a great sight be than meeting hard polish in a few months.

The Nail Show takes place on 18th August 2012 at Cargo, London, EC2A 3AY

To grab your limited £10 advance ticket  go to

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