Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Must Read for anyone looking at pursuing a career in Nails

With the Nail industry booming, so are the employment opportunities, as women everywhere incorporate having their nails done as a regular part of their beauty regime.
Thus, it appears that recruitment agency Nail Spec have hit the nail on the head with the introduction of London’s first recruitment consultancy to solely focus on the careers of Nail Professionals.   Specialising in the recruitment nail professionals from nail technicians to Salon Managers Nail Spec also incorporate a listing of available nail stations on their website.

Liquor & Nails caught up with Lorraine the Director of Nail Spec to find out her thoughts on the developments within the industry.

Liqour & Nails:  What inspired you to launch an agency specialising in the recruitment of nail professionals?
Lorraine:  Whilst working within the beauty industry for many years, I discovered that there appeared to be a missing link between beauty businesses and the best candidates to suit. I recognised that there are many different ways to work as a Nail Technician and I wanted to make such career options more accessible whilst enabling a variety of recruitment solutions for beauty businesses. With the nail industry booming at this time, Nail Spec became a simple solution to both.

Liqour & Nails:  How easy or difficult has the process been in launching a recruitment consultancy in such a niche market?
Lorraine:  The fact that it is a niche market has made it easier in terms of direction and purpose. What makes it even easier is that the competition in beauty recruitment agencies is minute and actually there are no others that specifically focus on the careers of Nail Professionals. We would like to think that at every stage of a Nail Technicians career, whether newly qualified, experienced and looking for a change in permanent employment, temp work or session work, we have much to offer. We also give Nail Professionals the opportunity to experience a wide range of work within the nail industry by opening such doors for them.

Liqour & Nails:  What advice would you give someone looking to pursue a career within the nail industry?
Lorraine:  Undergo training and gain a qualification that entitles you to carry out a range of nail treatments and always take the opportunity to up skill and to understand the ever-changing industry including the current trends. Then I would say, practice consistently even when unemployed, work on pace and build a portfolio for potential employers/ clients to be able to see what their creative hands are capable of! And not forgetting to join us at Nail Spec to be introduced to work opportunities that are in line with their chosen career path.

Liquor & Nails:  How important do you think events like The Nail Show are within the industry?

Lorraine:  Events such as The Nail Show are very important and great in many ways. Not only is it another way to keep up to date with what's happening in the industry, but it gives great potential for inspiration. The main benefit for me is that it is the perfect place to network and to build long-term working relationships.

For More information on Nail Spec contact 0844 870 8104 or email and visit their website
And to keep updated on the next Nail Show Event Follow @TheNailShow

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Liquor & Nails Salutes The Illustrated Nail

Sophie aka The Illustrated Nail is a name synonymous with some of the most amazing nail art and after seeing her designs you will clearly see why. 

An illustrator by profession Sophie takes her incredible knack for creativity and precision to transform and create innovative and exciting nail art designs some of which were showcased at The Nails Show which took place in August at Cargo, London.

Illustrated Nail! Liquor & Nails salute you and your amazing designs.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nail Art at The Nails Show: Creative, Batman, Doctor Who + More

So we are still buzzing about The Nail Show and all the fantastic Nail Art that was on display.  If you didn’t get the chance to make it down to the event on the 18th August then you missed out on a wealth of creativity, fun-filled, inspirational and daring nail designs!!

But as we at Liquor and Nails love you so much, we are showcasing a few of the nail artists that showcased their designs at the event, right here on our blog.  Today we are shining the spotlight on Kayleigh OC, we are totally in awe of her creativity and imagination that goes into her designs….

Take a look....

You can check out some more of Kayleigh's amazing designs by visiting

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Too Talonted- Nail Art Competition Winner of The Nail Show

The launch of The Nails Show took place on Saturday 18th August 2012 at Cargo, London and saw nail lovers and nail art professionals coming together for one-day to celebrate all that is fun and fantastic about the world of nails.  One of the highlights of the event was the exciting Nail Art Competition where nail professionals battled it out under the pressure of the judging crowd and a stop-watch. Whilst the designs offered by the entrants looked amazing  it was nail artist Too Talonted who walked away the proud owner of The Nail Show trophy and given the honour of designing the logo for next years show.

Liquor & Nails caught up with TooTalonted to find out what she thought about The Nail Show and being crowned the winner of the competition.

Liquor & Nails:  How long have you been doing nail art for and how did you get started?
TooTalonted:      I've been doing nail art for almost 3 years now!  It all started when I was bored one day and watched a few nail art videos on YouTube.  Once I saw the nail art and how it was done I thought it looked pretty easy and couldn't wait to try it out - so I did and I got a lot of good comments so I immediately  started searching nail art on google and soon found loads on tumblr but mainly from nail techs in Japan or the USA so I was quite chuffed when I found out about a year later while sitting at a computer in a boring lesson that there were also nail artists in the UK such as ; Wah Nails , The Illustrated Nail and Sophy Robson

Liquor & Nails:   How did you come up with the winning design for the Nail Art competition?
TooTalonted:  For the competition I was planning to do quite a coordinated and simple set of nails but soon thought I should just do the sort of designs I do on my own nails and be myself (loud , colourful and exciting!) so that's exactly what I did more or less. I also planned the design for a few days but when it came to those nerve-racking minutes I began free-styling.   The overall designs I came up with we're more or less inspired by clothing and also a few nail artists e.g. Spifster , Boom Nails and Nails by Regina etc.

            Too Talonted's Planned Design for the competition

                                Too Talonted's Winning Design
Liquor & Nails:   What was it like for you taking part in the competition?

TooTalonted:  Overall the competition was great and very nerve-racking , I naturally have quite shaky hands (too much coffee) but I can usually control them when I'm doing nails but on the day my hands were shaking up controllable so how I even managed to create something fairly coherent is beyond me as this was the first proper nail art competition I've entered!

Liquor & Nails:  How important do you think shows such as The Nail Show are within the Nail industry?
TooTalonted:  Very! I always try to encourage others like myself who are obsessed with nails to go to these sorts of events as you'll be surprised by how much you learn from experts.   Moreover , ever since I went to 'now we do shellac' in the sasson gallery in 2011 I've been obsessed with attending nail related events from Nailphilia to Professional beauty to Olympia beauty (nailolympics) to The Nails Show .  In order to make sure you know everything and anything about nails it's important that you try to attend these events even if they focus mainly on beauty in general as it’s really easy to pick up tips and tricks from experts and even gain inspiration from the many professional nail competitions going on.

     Here are some moble phone cases also designed by TooTalonted
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Too Talonted  Tumblr

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Celebrity Nails: Rhianna, Katy Perry + more...

Celebrities are constantly watched, admired and critiqued for their sense of style . 
Liquor and Nails are loving that this year the attention seems to be on their nails!!
Here are just some of the trendy celeb nails we’ve spotted recently!
Email any celeb nails that have caught your eye!

Don’t forget Twelve01 are still running a competition to Win a pair of tickets for The Nail Show taking place on 18th August 2012 at Cargo.  All you have to do to be in with a chance of wining is email a pic to relating to any of our blogs including this one.