Monday, 16 July 2012

Are your nails a reflection of your inner party-girl?

As women there is an unspoken guide and code which informs our thought process when getting ready for a night out.  From our hair to our shoes and our outfit to our bag, each element whether consciously or subconsciously is selected for a desired outcome.

Take the high stiletto shoes that scream ‘sex kitten’ but have you screaming blue murder when you get home lets everyone know your sexy and you know it’, whilst the flat shoes with a hint of sparkle declare I  came here to party!!!!’  And we all know about the connotations of the little black dress which whispersI’m chic and stylish’ in contrast to the bright and bold rara dress that yells Tonight, I’m fun and carefree

But, what about our nails? More and more our nails are not just seen as an integral part of our beauty regime, but also as a component of the overall representation of our individual personal style at a given time. 

From nails that are perfectly colour co-ordinated to match our ensemble boasting ‘I came here specifically dressed for tonight’ to the classic understated manicure.  What do your party-nails say about you?   

The notion of Liquor and Nails was born out of an observation of an apparent expression of individuality and fashion through nail polish and nail art clearly seen as women enjoyed beverages at the bar.

SO, how much do your nails reflect your inner party-girl?  

Let us know and show us??  Next time you’re out and about take a picture and email it to and we will post it here on our blog, or drop your comments and let us know about your favourite party outfit and matching nail design?


  1. My nails always have to look on point when I’m going clubbing. If it’s a big event then I go all out and my nail design matches my clothes, it sets the whole outfit off right.

  2. I'm sure they look the part! I'll be looking for pics for the blog, so maybe next time you're out take a pic of your nails whilst holding your drink and email it to me I'll post it on the liquor and nails blog.