Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nail Stamping

Liquor & Nails love nail stamping! Fun nail-imprinting kits that allows you to create and stamp the most detailed of nail art to your nails within minutes.

The great thing about nail stamping is you don't need to be a super artist to use these kits, just a steady hand and a creative mind.  There are a few different kits in the market, but Konad seem to be the most preferred and offer a great range as well as tips on how to create that perfect design.

Check out their tutorial video here

We'd love to seeyour nail stamping designs.  Email pics of your nail stamping designs to totalrenewaluk@gmail.com and we will upload it to our blog and don't forget you can pick up handy tips on nail stamping and much more at The Nail Show taken plae on 18.08.12

To book tickets to this event  www.eventelephant.com/thenailsshow

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