Friday, 20 July 2012

Nail Polish Jewellery! Yes, you heard right! and it looks amazing!!!

Ladies picture the scene, you’ve got a hot date this evening and there’s absolutely no way you can squeeze in time to go to the salon Do you a) attempt a home-made job which you know isn’t going to come close to giving you your desired effect Or do you b) reach for the only thing that can help in such a crisis (*key Superman theme tune) Your box of press-on nails?

That was too easy wasn’t it?  But on a serious note, whilst press-on nails can be a God send at times like this, how many of us actually ensure that we have them on-hand for occasions such as this or have even opened our eyes to the range of designs and variations that are now available?  Like me, maybe you’re a little worried about applying them correctly or picking the right ones that don’t damage your nails then don’t worry I’ve got the solution for you at the end of this blog.

And whilst I’m giving out useful tips, I couldn’t wait to share this exciting and creative infusion of nail varnish and fashion.   Nail polish jewellery uses a specialised technique to create unique pieces using nail varnish, this remarkable craft creates an ideal way to ensure your jewellery perfectly compliments your nails.   

Just take a look at this gorgeous ring created using Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Nail varnish jewellery is just one of the amazing products you can find available at the Nail Show which takes place on the Saturday 18th August at Cargo, London.  The event is on for one-day and is a must for anyone that loves having fun with their nails and wants to get top tips and advice from a range of nail care professionals.

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Images courtesy of Cassie via Instagram #cassnails @cassgooner

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