Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Win a pair of tickets to The Nail Show

Twelve01 PR have teamed up with the Liquor & Nails Blog Site to giveaway a pair of tickets to The Nail Show. 

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is get involved! 
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Show N ails

Show Nails sent us these pictures of her designs

Nail Stamping

Liquor & Nails love nail stamping! Fun nail-imprinting kits that allows you to create and stamp the most detailed of nail art to your nails within minutes.

The great thing about nail stamping is you don't need to be a super artist to use these kits, just a steady hand and a creative mind.  There are a few different kits in the market, but Konad seem to be the most preferred and offer a great range as well as tips on how to create that perfect design.

Check out their tutorial video here

We'd love to seeyour nail stamping designs.  Email pics of your nail stamping designs to totalrenewaluk@gmail.com and we will upload it to our blog and don't forget you can pick up handy tips on nail stamping and much more at The Nail Show taken plae on 18.08.12

To book tickets to this event  www.eventelephant.com/thenailsshow

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Queens Olympic Nails

The Olympics are underway and what an Opening Ceremony it was! Great Britain really did put on the show.  But, forget the cauldron, forget the comedy!  The most entertaining and noteworthy moment of all has got to be given to the Queen!  For confirming what all of us nailistas have known for years…. That no matter WHAT is going on around you! Your nails are indeed the most important thing!!!!!

So, as Olympic fever has officially started, Ive been taking a look at all the patriotic and Olympic themed nail art that has been surfacing, and it’s all pretty amazing.  Here are just a couple that I’ve found.

Feel free to send any pics of Olympic nails you have seen or are sporting youself.  Email them to totalrenewaluk@gmail.com and they will be put up on the blog. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The beauty of nail varnish- and varnish swapping

So, it’s no secret that all it takes is a few strokes of nail varnish to transform your hands from ‘hand of beast’ to ‘hand of beauty’.  This age old tradition of painting of nails, whether it’s down to the Chinese and their invention in 3000BC or the Egyptians with their ides of extreme make-overs, whoever or wherever it was invented, I’m sure I speak for most ladies when I say we are thankful.

So how many jars of polish does the average lady own?  I admit my collection was bordering on a fair amount until I had a clear out a few months ago.  After, finding myself one too many times, spying the perfect colour, proceeding to open it, then finding out it was now a gloppy, hard mess I decided to restart my collection.

However, one thing I noticed is that compared to some, I’m not overly experimental when it comes to range of colours, which means that I’ve found myself with numerous jars of almost identical nail varnish.   What’s funny is that’s the complete contrast of my friend who randomly picks up wild and crazy colours, but then decides that there’s never an occasion fitting enough to adorn them.

So both of us, have set ourselves a little fun task of heading down to the Nail Show on Saturday 18th August armed with all of our unopened polish, where I will proceed to exchange them for wild and wonderful colours and she will swap hers for a few safer options.  Should be a great laugh and also sounds a great sight be than meeting hard polish in a few months.

The Nail Show takes place on 18th August 2012 at Cargo, London, EC2A 3AY

To grab your limited £10 advance ticket  go to www.eventelephant.com/thenailshow

Sunday, 22 July 2012

How long is too long?

I personally like mine around the half a centimetre mark, any longer than that and I’m completely useless to perform most of my routine tasks, i.e. doing my hair, typing, putting on my clothes. 
But, how do you like yours?

What am I talking about?   Nails of course!  Whether natural or acrillyic, us ladies seem to all have our very own personal preference for the length we like to keep our nails. 
But how long is too long? And is there such a thing as too long?

Well, definately not if women such as Lee Redmond are anything to go by, World Record holder of the longest nails. Lee Redmond hadn't cut her nails for an astronomical 30 years until a car accident meant she lost all ten, the longest of which was 2 feet, 11 inches!

So you may not be a Lee Redmond, but do you get comments about your long nails? and would you let anything outside of your own choice influence you to cut them? 
I would love for you to share  your pictures of your long nails and also your top tips on how to carry out routine tasks with extra long nails for anyone that is thinking of significantly indreasing the length of their nails?
Email your pictures to totalrenewaluk@gmail and we will post them up on our blog and be sure to post all your top tips her.

Also for professional advice and tips on how to grow and maintain long nails.  Don't forget to check out the Nail show on Saturday 18th August 2012 at Cargo, EC2A.  Check out the details here http://www.facebook.com/thenailsshow and get your hands on £10 advance tickets whilst there still available  www.eventelephant.com/thenailsshow

Friday, 20 July 2012

Nail Polish Jewellery! Yes, you heard right! and it looks amazing!!!

Ladies picture the scene, you’ve got a hot date this evening and there’s absolutely no way you can squeeze in time to go to the salon Do you a) attempt a home-made job which you know isn’t going to come close to giving you your desired effect Or do you b) reach for the only thing that can help in such a crisis (*key Superman theme tune) Your box of press-on nails?

That was too easy wasn’t it?  But on a serious note, whilst press-on nails can be a God send at times like this, how many of us actually ensure that we have them on-hand for occasions such as this or have even opened our eyes to the range of designs and variations that are now available?  Like me, maybe you’re a little worried about applying them correctly or picking the right ones that don’t damage your nails then don’t worry I’ve got the solution for you at the end of this blog.

And whilst I’m giving out useful tips, I couldn’t wait to share this exciting and creative infusion of nail varnish and fashion.   Nail polish jewellery uses a specialised technique to create unique pieces using nail varnish, this remarkable craft creates an ideal way to ensure your jewellery perfectly compliments your nails.   

Just take a look at this gorgeous ring created using Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Nail varnish jewellery is just one of the amazing products you can find available at the Nail Show which takes place on the Saturday 18th August at Cargo, London.  The event is on for one-day and is a must for anyone that loves having fun with their nails and wants to get top tips and advice from a range of nail care professionals.

For more details go to http://www.facebook.com/thenailsshow

Grab your £10 Advanced tickets whilst there still available from   http://www.eventelephant.com/thenailsshow
Images courtesy of Cassie via Instagram #cassnails @cassgooner

Monday, 16 July 2012

Are your nails a reflection of your inner party-girl?

As women there is an unspoken guide and code which informs our thought process when getting ready for a night out.  From our hair to our shoes and our outfit to our bag, each element whether consciously or subconsciously is selected for a desired outcome.

Take the high stiletto shoes that scream ‘sex kitten’ but have you screaming blue murder when you get home lets everyone know your sexy and you know it’, whilst the flat shoes with a hint of sparkle declare I  came here to party!!!!’  And we all know about the connotations of the little black dress which whispersI’m chic and stylish’ in contrast to the bright and bold rara dress that yells Tonight, I’m fun and carefree

But, what about our nails? More and more our nails are not just seen as an integral part of our beauty regime, but also as a component of the overall representation of our individual personal style at a given time. 

From nails that are perfectly colour co-ordinated to match our ensemble boasting ‘I came here specifically dressed for tonight’ to the classic understated manicure.  What do your party-nails say about you?   

The notion of Liquor and Nails was born out of an observation of an apparent expression of individuality and fashion through nail polish and nail art clearly seen as women enjoyed beverages at the bar.

SO, how much do your nails reflect your inner party-girl?  

Let us know and show us??  Next time you’re out and about take a picture and email it to totalrenewaluk@gmail.com and we will post it here on our blog, or drop your comments and let us know about your favourite party outfit and matching nail design?